The Governor is the Visitor to the College. There is a Governing Council which is constituted by the Governor. The Governing Council is responsible for policy direction of the College and in particular, the control of property and disbursement of funds. There is the Academic Board under the headship of the Provost with the Deans of School and Heads of Department, Chief Lecturers and Principal Lecturers as members. The Board is the supreme academic authority of the College. The Academic Board has the authority to develop and execute programmes, conduct examinations and grant diplomas and certificates.

There is also the Management Committee which comprises of the Provost and other Principal and key Officers of the College. The Management Committee is headed by the Provost, who is also the Chief Executive of the College. The Committee is responsible for the day to day administration of the College and for the maintenance of discipline and smooth running of the Institution.


college organogram