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Brief on Bursary

The Bursary Department of any Higher Institution plays the vital role of coordinating all the financial activities of the Institution.

It represents a centre point where all activities revolve. There is no activity in the College that has no financial implication.

The Bursary Department of the College was set up at the inception of the institution. The core mandate of the Bursary Department is to be in-charge of all financial activities of the College. It is headed by the Bursar Mr. J.K. Ige who is by the College Edict, the Chief Financial Officer of the College and is responsible to the Provost of the College for the day-to-day administration and control of the financial activities of the institution.

The Bursary is divided into ten (10) divisions as stated below:

  • Budget Administration, Reports and Statistics, headed by a Senior Deputy Bursar Mr. F.I. Adebayo.
  • Students Accounts, headed by a Deputy Bursar Mrs R.T. Adegbaju
  • Final Accounts, headed by a Deputy Bursar Mr. F.O. Bolaji
  • Treasury Services, headed by a Deputy Bursar Mr. B.J. Ogunrinde
  • Bank Reconciliation, headed by a Deputy Bursar Mr. A.I. Adeoti
  • Payroll, headed by a Chief Accountant Mr. O.E. Oluwatunmise
  • Pension and Gratuity, headed by a Chief Accountant Mrs J.L. Owoeye
  • Personal Ledgers, headed by a Chief Accountant Mr. O.F. Fajemila
  • Education Extension Services, headed by a Principal Accountant Mr. L.S. Falade.
  • Central Stores, headed by a Chief Store Officer Mr. T.B. Olowe
Objectives of the Bursary Department in the process of service delivery include, among others.

  • Overall Control of the institution's financial resources
  • Guidance to all departments on all financial matters, particularly as regards the preparation and monitoring of their budgets.
  • The institution's accounting reporting and internal control procedures
  • Maintaining the financial information system
  • Administering the payroll, loan and pension schemes
  • Arranging adequate insurance cover for the College's assets
  • Ensuring that surplus funds are invested and managed prudently
The Bursary Department assists the Management and the Governing Council of the College to fulfill the mission and objectives of the College through strict adherence to laid down standard practices on financial management, accounting principles and financial regulations of the College.

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