College of Education, Ikere Ekiti


The College runs the Education degree programme of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, on Sandwich and Regular basis. The programmes attract students not only from Ekiti and Ondo, but also from other States of the Federation, especially States of the South West and Middle belt. The Federal Government's directive on the stoppage of the NCE Sandwich Programme also affects the Sandwich Degree Programme. The College has since stopped admission of students into the Sandwich Degree Programme but still runs the regular degree programme.

1 Agric Education
2 Biology Education
3 Business Education
4 Mathematic Education
5 English Language
6 Political Science
7 Chemistry
8 French
9 Integrated Science
10 Social Studies
11 Economics
12 Physics
13 Religious Studies
14 Accounting
15 Geography
16 Guidance & Counseling
17 Health Education
18 Industrial Tech
19 Physical and Recreation Education
20 Home Economics Education

School Building
School Extension
Director -Dr Adamu B J

***Provost-Prof Mojisola Adenike OYAREKUA *** Deputy Provost- Dr Olu ATUNRAMU *** Registrar-Mr Gbenga OJO *** Bursar- Mr IGE Jacob Kayode***