director's-pixAg.Director - Dr Faboya Olusola Theophilus, The Directorate of College Computer Resource Centre was established in 2011. The Directorate is headed by a Director. The Directorate is divided into three (3) sections, each headed by a Deputy Director, who is directly responsible to the Director. The Units are; Management Information System (MIS) Unit, Operation Unit and Maintenance Unit.

The MIS unit, deals with Computer Training, Computerization of Results and the Eduportal Operations, the operation Unit deals with programming related matters and the production of ID cards while the maintenance Unit deals principally with the maintenance of all the Computer Systems in the College. The Administrative Unit is headed by an Administrative Secretary

Duties of the Directorate

  1. maintaining and administering internet and allied services in the College
  2. Making facilities and offering assistance to researches
  3. Involving in the automation of the academic and administrative activities in the College.
  4. Working as coordinating centre in networking with Computer Centre of other institutions/organizations for exchange of expertise ideas and software exchange.
  5. Promoting and undertaking consultancy/contractual computerized job.
  6. Keeping track of the internet development in Computer Hardware/Software technologies, internet technologies, and collecting information, imparting knowledge in respect of new ICT areas to aid research works.
  7. Offering expertise services to the Directorate of Human Resources Development in training and retraining of human resources in the field of ICT.
  8. Providing technical support to the College Community in both hardware and software systems
  9. Maintenance of all computers in the College.


1 Dr Faboya O.T Principal Lecturer/Ag.Director 08030446960 B.Sc Computer Sc, M.Sc, Phd.
2 Mr. Aregbesola Oluwafemi Chief Operation Manager 08132138373 B.Sc(Ed) Computer Sc, CCNA
3 Mr Orisatoberu Abiodun Oladimeji Chief Programmer 07038486644 B.Sc (Computer Science)
4 Taiwo Francis Kayode Operation Manager I 08130059887 ND, Higher National Diploma, PGD in Computer Sc
5 Mr. Esan M.A. Higher Executive Officer 08137312706, 08154247324 NABTEB(A/L), NCE, WASC
6 Osewa Moses Olufela Operation Manager 07062771235 WAEC, NCE (Computer Sc/Eco)
7 Olatigbe Olubusayo Damilola Portal Manager 08107012517 Bsc. Computer Sc
8 Akomolafe A.A Portal Manager 08062400847 Bsc. Computer Sc
9 Akerele O.J Portal Manager 07033120844 HND.Computer Sc



director's-pix This brief brings into mind and deals with the historical perspective, roles and functions of the Directorate of Physical Planning in the office of the Provost, College of Education, Ikere- Ekiti, Ekiti State.


The College came into existence in 1977 but the Directorate of Physical Planning office which is to stem a focus of balance development, was established on approval of the council in August, 1998. (then Planning Unit).
The first sets of staff were employed and few facilities procured for effective take off.
For effective discharge of their duties, office accommodation was available pending the completion of the Provost's office block of offices.

Roles and Functions:

The roles and functions of the Directorate are briefly spelt out in chapter 5 sub sections 4 of the College Quinquennial plan and chapter 1-5 of the College Tenders Manual as an attestation to the above headline.


Planning in its ethnocentric meaning, is a collective exercise of foresight and taking informed decisions about present, in relation to future.
It is however sub-grouped in both ACADEMIC and PHYSICAL. The Academic aspect is designed to forecast the development of Academic programmes in Institution of Higher learning. It involves projection of future expansion of Academic programmes on each department and the subsequent effect of these on the students and staff population.
It is to note that, Physical Planning, entails the ordering of the use of Land, the Sitting of Building and Communication routes in a manner to secure a maximum practicable degree of comfort, health and aesthetics.


The roles of Physical Planning in any Academic Institution; is to ensure that there are students and facilities for the various Academic Programmes which include Classrooms, Laboratories, Stories, Administrative, Block of Offices for both accommodation and other related conveniences which must be adequate for the projected number of Students and Staff at any given time.
Even, when there are no new structures, the Directorate of Physical Planning needs to ensure the maintenance and, if necessary, re-designing of existing structures to meet the current needs. Thus, Academic and Physical Planning Co-exist symbiotically within any Tertiary Institution of Higher Learning.


Three Sections are sandwiched within, namely:
  1. Physical Planning/Capital Projects: The detailed roles and functions of the above stated sections could be further expatiated if need be.
  2. Building and Engineering Section.
  3. Landscape/Environmental Planning

Actual roles and functions performed so far

The Physical Planning Division

Operates within a tripartite system dovetailing as Development Unit and Physical Planning/Capital.

Projects Unit

This Unit Develops collects and collates data about Students and Staff enrolments, from which projections and statistical analysis would be made to formulate;
  • College quinquennial Plans
  • Rolling Plans for the College as practiced then

The Physical Planning/Capital Projects Unit

The functions perform by this Directorate are as described in chapters one, two, three and four of the College Tenders Manual.
The roles and functions of the office in this respect runs through initiation to design and Award; some would be handled to completion on direct labour basis. Staffs in the Directorate can perform as clerk of works on some major College Capital Projects.


Physical/Environmental Planning and Resource Management are to ensure the overall Physical Planning and the environmental protection activities of the College campus in conjunction with the Works and Maintenance Services Department.
Assist the office of the Provost in preparing tenders manual to regulate the award of projects contracts. These include; Site Selection, Design, Award of Contract procedure, involved in Management of Projects implementation including supervision of projects/contracts and review.
Records could be contacted to attest to these claims. Environmental/Landscape Planning which includes the Initiation, Design, Cost Implementation and Maintenance of the landscape of some built up areas in the College.


Since 1998, what could be called roles of the Planning was majorly on Landscape Planning, Design and Supervision of various structures via Tetfund, State and Internal Generated Revenue up to date are listed below;
  1. Landscaping of lawns along Health Centre and Cyber Café
  2. General maintenance of the existing lawns.
  3. Planting of new species of shrub, ornamental trees flowers and mowing of grasses.
  4. Designing a proposed organized market for the College Community
  5. Supervision of Quality Assurance Building Project ( Tetfund Project )
  6. Supervision of ICT (Tetfund Project)
  7. Supervision of the renovation work at College Guest House
  8. Supervision of construction of bar and Restaurant building project
  9. Supervision of Renovation of work at Guest house perimeter fencing
  10. Supervision of Electrical installation in the Quality Assurance building, I.C.T, three classrooms with attached offices
  11. Design and supervision of Home Economics building (School V) design and supervision of Early Childhood Education building
  12. Design and Supervision of School of Arts and Social Sciences
  13. Supervision of New Micro Teaching Office
  14. Design supervision of New Science Complex Hall
  15. Design and supervision of New Agric Education building
  16. Reconstruction of New college Gate and the College perimeter fence
  17. Supervision of the New college Master Plan
  18. Designing a proposed parking spaces for the College community in order to discourage off street parking
  19. Design and supervision of School of Languages
  20. Design and supervision of College Computer Resource Centre building
  21. Design and supervision of Academic building
  22. All other incidental assignments as directed by the College Management

The underlisted are the Staff working in the Directorate


1 Mr. Adewole E.A Director of Physical Planning 08033520560 PGD, M.TECH(in view), MNITP, RTP, FNICA, TScarb, AMIIOPSM
2 Mr. Olubunmi Sunday Senior Assistant Registrar 08067098273 OND, HND
3 Mr. Abodunrin Isaac Principal Technical Officer 1 (Planning) 08036278735 OND, PDURB, MNITP
4 Mr. Oluseye Isaac Oke Principal Technical Officer 1 (QS) 07066402332 OND, HND, PGD
5 Mr. Omotayo Felix Principal Technical Officer 1 (Arch.) 08061115905 B.Sc (Arc), PGD(in view)
6 Mr. Oloyede Ayodele Principal Technical Officer 1 (Civil Engr.) 07067729908 OND, HND, NATE
7 Mr. Olagunju G.O Principal Technical Officer 1 (Elect Engr.) 08067113504 OND, HND, NATE
8 Mr. Adewumi J.O Chief Foreman (Mech.) 08065864336 WAEC, Motor Mech I & 2, G&C Tech I
9 Mr. Ayeni Olagoke Senior Technical Officer (Horticulture) 07035318499 OND, HND
10 Mr. Adegboye J.Ajayi Chief Foreman 07068410300Diploma in Draftmanship Diploma in Draftmanship
11 Mr. Badmus Fatai Asst. Chief Foreman 08038662112 OND, HND(Civil)
12 Mrs. Ayorinde O.T Confidential Secretary 1 07032600828 B.Sc
13 Mr. Olayinka Boladale Moses Higher Technical Officer (Civil Engineering) 08034790902 B.Tech(Civil)
14 Mr. Oyebowale Funsho Amos Higher Technical Officer (Estate Management) 08030644010 OND, HND(Estate Management)
15 Olatuja Franklin Technical Officer (Horticulture) 08067097929
16 Olasoyin Janet Ifeoluwa Clerical Officer 08143076321
17 Akomolafe Babayemi Driver 09061535223



director's-pix The Directorate of Admission and Statistics emanates as a result of the creation of The College of Education Ikere-Ekiti in December 1977, which means the Directorate shares the same history of creation with the College itself.
The Directorate started as Directorate of academic Affairs headed by a Director which was later splited into two Directorates namely Exams and Records and Directorate of Admissions and Statistics.

The Directorate saddled with the responsibilities of:

  1. Admission of students into the NCE Programme
  2. Liasing with Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for direct admission of candidates into the NCE Programme
  3. Sale, collating and vetting of application forms and vetting of credentials of applicants.
  4. Placement and preparation of admission list and letters of admission.
  5. Preparation and production of matriculation register and allocation of matriculation numbers.
  6. Conducting the matriculation ceremony
  7. Processing of students personal files for onward transmission to the Directorate of Exams and Records for record ;purpose.
  8. Screening of certificate of students.
  9. Continuous review of JAMB Brochure and requirements for the NCE Programme.
  10. Collection of Data and collation of Data as may be requested by other units and departments of the College and outside bodies.
  11. Regularization of the students admission with JAMB.


The mission is to admit qualified candidates to run Teachers Education courses which will lead to an award of Nigerian Certificate in Education (N.C.E.) in order to produce qualified Teachers for both primary and secondary Institutions of learning.


To produce well trained qualified teachers who can train students in line with the three Domains of learning which is Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor Domains that can make the students fit into any society they find themselves.

Directorate of Examinations and Records

The Directorate of Examinations and Records is one of the Directorates in the Registry Department of the College headed by a Deputy Registrar.
The Directorate is saddled with the following responsibilities.

Issuance of Statement of Results:

The Directorate prepares and issues Statement of Results to graduands of the College who have completed the approved course of study and after approval by the College Academic Board.


The Directorate prepares transcripts of academic records of graduands who have applied for such.

Processing and Issuance of Certificates:

The Directorate prepares and issues certificates to graduands of the College.

Servicing of Committees:

The Directorate services the underlisted Committees in the College:

  • Academic Board.
  • Business Committee of the Academic Board.
  • Examinations Committee.
  • Committee of Deans.

Membership of the Following Committee

  • Accreditation Committee.
  • Ceremonies Committee.

Implementing Decisions on cases of Examination Misconduct:

The decision of the College authorities on cases of students involved in examination misconduct are communicated accordingly by the unit.

Monitoring of Examinations:

The Directorate monitors all College examinations and sends report to the College Management as appropriate.

The Directorate also attends to routine administrative duties

That is, treatment of mails, students' requests, interpretation of College regulations/rules in relation to academic matters and verification/confirmation of statement results/certificates.


1 Mr. B. P. Daramola Senior Deputy Registrar
2 Mr. Ademola Olanipekun Senior Assistant Registrar
3 Miss. C. U. Ejiakonye Senior Assistant Registrar
4 Mrs. J. F. Famuwagun Assistant Registrar
5 Mrs. F. R. Morakinyo-Ogele Administrative Officer I
6 Mr. Oluwadare A. J. PEO II
7 Mrs. M. I. Abe Senior Executive Officer
8 Mrs. A. A. Ola Senior Executive Officer
9 Mrs. O.C. Oluwatumise Higher Executive Officer
10 Mr. Owoyemi I. L Higher Executive Officer
11 Mrs. T. O. Ajayi Executive Officer
12 Mr. Taiwo Mohammed Chief Clerical Officer
13 Mrs. V. O. Folayan Principal Conf. Secretary
14 Mrs. B. M. Daramola Principal Data Processing Officer II
15 Mrs. G. M. Fawekun Principal Data Processing Officer II
16 Mr. I. A. Ajewole Principal Data Processing Officer II
17 Mrs. B. Y. Lawal Principal Data Processing Officer II
18 Mrs. A. F. Adeyeye Senior Data Processing Officer
19 Mrs. F. N. Onipede Clerical Officer
20 Mr. O. S. Jayeola Clerical Officer
21 Mr. Rotimi Akintunde Clerical Officer


The Directorate of Programme Linkages was established on February 28, 2013 against the backdrop of the Linkage Programme between the College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti and the University of Manitoba, Canada. In 2015 the Directorate was strengthened by the Academic Board of the College to run some courses. These include: Diploma in Computer Studies, Certificate and Diploma Courses. The courses had since started in full force.


The Directorate of Programme Linkages has as part of its focal objectives and mandate

  1. To initiate, promote and facilitate programme linkages
  2. To play coordinating role for academic and professional programme linkages
  3. To strengthen collaborative ties with educational and professional institutions within and outside Nigeria
  4. To facilitate staff and student exchanges, mobility and worldwide networking
  5. Capacity building and
  6. Conferences, workshops and seminars


The vision of the Directorate is to further enhance manpower development in the society and relate with outside society and institutions


  • Partnership with University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Advanced Diploma in Data Processing Programme
  • Diploma in Computer Studies
  • Certificate Courses in: (6 months)
    1. Library Studies
    2. Theatre Arts (weekends only)
    3. Music
    4. Local Government Studies.
    5. French
    6. Arabic/Islamic Studies
    7. Tourism and Hospitality Management
    8. Technical Education with bias in:
      • Metal Fabrication
      • Electrical/Electronics
      • Building Construction
      • Furniture Making
      • Agricultural Mechanics
      • Certificate in Transport Management.
    9. Creative Arts and Graphics Technology
    10. Science Laboratory Technology
    11. Auto Cad Design
    12. Cinematography and Editing
  • Diploma Courses in: (2 years)
    1. Library Studies
    2. Theatre Arts (weekends only)
    3. Music
    4. Local Government Studies
    5. French
    6. Arabic/Islamic Studies
    7. Tourism and Hospitality Management
    8. Technical Education with bias in:
      • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
      • Electrical/Electronics
      • Building Construction
      • Furniture Making
      • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
      • Metal Fabrication
      • Auto Mechanics
      • Advanced Transport Management
    9. Creative Arts and Graphics Technology
    10. Communication Arts
    11. Science Laboratory Technology
    12. Auto Cad Design
    13. Cinematography


1 Dr O. J. AJOGBEJE Chief Lecturer/Director B.Sc (Ed) Mathematics, M.Ed., Ph.D, Diploma in Computer Studies.
2 Mr. J. A. OLAKORODE Principal Assistant Registrar B.A. Hons., FICA
3 Mrs J. A. OLABODE Principal Data Processing Officer II RSA (50WPM), NABTEB, NCE, Advanced Diploma in Data Processing.
4 Mrs V. I. KEKEREOWO Senior Clerical Officer NABTEB, NCE.


The Directorate of Students' Affairs, with designated activities of overseeing the general welfare of the students in terms of ensuring the provision of basic amenities and the management of their attendant problems. The Directorate also guide admitted students to develop their professional, academic, socio-cultural and spiritual potential to the fullest.
The Directorate being a vital organ of the College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti has functional units as follow:

Guidance and Counselling unit:

The unit was established in the Directorate in 2012 with two qualified staff posted to the unit. The Unit is saddled with the responsiblities of guiding the students towards achieveing their primary objectives in the College and also assisting erring staff to know and comply with the rules and regulations of the College.

Halls of Residence:

There are five Halls of Residence (A,B,C,D & E) already in use while other are under construction. We have house keepers and porters which oversee the day to day affairs of the students. Three i.e A,B,D and part of E are designated for female students while C and other part of Hall E are designated for male students. Allocation of students into these Hall is handled by the Directorate of Students' Affairs.


  1. Students' Welfare The Directorate is saddled with the responsibilities of liaising with all service departments on matters affecting students' welfare;
  2. Students' Election
    • Responsible for Students' Union Election and Swearing-in-Ceremony.
    • Responsible for Elections of Associations.
  3. Halls Allocation The Directorate is responsible for the processing of application and the allocation of halls of residence;
  4. Bursary Awards and Scholarship The Directorate is saddled with the responsibilities for arrangement of Scholarship interviews, Bursary awards and preparation of the list of beneficiaries of bursary and scholarship awards;
  5. Welfare Board The Unit is designated to serve as Secretary of Students Welfare Board Committee of the College;
  6. Students' Disciplinary Committee The Directorate of Students' Affairs is designated to function as secretary of the Students' Disciplinary Committee;
  7. Orientation Programmes The Directorate is saddled with the responsibilities of organizing orientation programmes for fresh NCE students and newly elected Union officials.
  8. Coordination and Supervision: The Dean, Deputy Registrar and other Senior members of staff in the Directorate of Students Affairs are responsible for the coordination and supervision of the Housekeepers, the Porters, other junior staff in the Directorate as well as the entire students in the College.


1 Fedrick Olumide Akinrotohun Chief Lecturer 08033929292 B.Sc, M.Ed
2 Mrs. Rhoda Oyewunmi Okeya Deputy Registrar 07065849196 B.Sc, M.Ed
3 Mr.Simeon Olufemi Babatunde P.R.A 08035383479 B.Sc (Hons) Econs
4 Mrs. Damilola Elizabeth Elumade A.R 08165591275 M.Ed BA Ed
5 Mr. Johnson Olusesan Ajogbeje A.O.I 08030817347 B.Sc, NCE, Grade II
6 Mr.Funso Ojo C.E.O 070350619597 Advance in Pub. Admin. & Diploma
7 Mr. Alao Lateef Odeyemi A.C.E.O 08076602784 NCE
8 Mrs. Fayoke Kehinde Bamidele S.E.O 08067437529 NCE
9 Mr. David Ayodele Onipede E.O 08132622011 NCE
10 Mrs. Mary Bolarinwa Olubodun Senior Data Processing 08133112276 NCE, Advance Data Processing, RSA & NABTEB
11 Mrs. Falade F.A A.C.H.K 08054824948 M.Ed, B.Ed, NCE
12 Mrs. Adebola Osinbolu Prin HK I 08039496396 Final Cert. in Catering & Hotel
13 Mrs. Yemisi A. Ogundana Prin HK I 08131725092 Advance Diploma
14 Mrs. Janet Jayeoba Faleye Prin HK I 07033168685 B.Ed
15 Mrs. Oredola Daramola Prin HK I 08068322029 B.Ed
16 Mrs. J.O Ibijade Prin HK II 08065203658 Advanced NABTEB
17 Mrs. C.A Afuye Prin HK II 07037237651 Advanced NABTEB
18 Mrs. C.B Akinyemi Higher HK 08062921524 B.Ed
19 Mrs. B. Orisamika Higher HK 08064981753 B.Ed, NCE
20 Mrs. H.B. Ogunjemilua Higher HK 07030061916 Advanced NABTEB
21 Mrs. T.A. Fakirepo Housekeeper 08066591844 Advanced NABTEB
22 Mr. A.T. Ayeni Supervisor 08058835299 NCE
23 Mr. D.O. Akinbosoye Supervisor 08064574437 NCE, B.Ed
24 Mr. S.E. Alabi Asst. Supervisor 07064339553 OND
25 Mr. E.M. Olowo Asst. Supervisor 07068541307 B.Ed
26 Mr. I. Adeyeye Asst. Supervisor 08134691990 NCE
27 Mr. F.O. Ajala Asst. Supervisor 07063788712 NCE
28 Mr. O.O. Fakunle Supervisor 08058484813 Dip., CC, WASCE
29 Mr. T.F. Adeyeye Supervisor 07031247954 B.Sc
30 Mr. B.A. Ajayi Supervisor 08052938305 OND
31 Mr. S.O. Ajayi Supervisor 08067707955 SSCE
32 Mr. A.M. Oba Supervisorr 08133402243 ND, SSCE
33 Mr. O.O Afolayan Supervisor 08032163001 HND,SSCE
34 Mrs.Victoria O. Adelaye Assistant Data Processing 08168353513 RSA, NABTEB,ADVANCED DATA PROCESSING
35 Mr. Ebenezer O. Adeuya Senior Officer Assistant 07035633642 O/L (MODERN) III
36 Mrs. Iyabo S. Oluwole Clerical Officer 08108648260 TTC GRADE II
37 Mr. T.S Akindele Chief Porter 08164634837 SSCE
38 Mr. E.A Tehingbola Senior Porter 08037645978 SSCE
39 Mr. D.O Abe Chief Porter 07062033029 B.Sc, O/L
40 Mr. R.I Owoeye Porter I 08062085836 SSCE, NABTEB, NCE
41 Mr. G.A Oni Senior Porter 07033457746 NABTEB
42 Mr. A.D Adelabu Porter I 08060768037 NCE, SSCEa
43 Mr. I.B Bodunde Senior Porter 07063968014 OND, SSCE
44 Mr. A.A Kamorudeen Senior Porter 07035592547 HND, SSCE
45 Mrs. E.T Ogesola Porter I 08037692339 B.Sc, SSCE
46 S.A Ibikunle Porter I 08104603468 NCE, SSCE
47 T.B Oluwadare Porter I 07036861734 NCE, NABTEB
48 A. Ogungbemi Porter II 08038488682 NCE, NABTEB
49 A.A Adegboye Senior Porter 07039436082 NCE, SSCE
50 Ajisafe Busayo Porter II 08065746700 SSCE
51 S.O Aladeyelu Portal I 08167554245 NABTEB
52 T.O Ajayi Portal I 08062745254 NCE, SSCE
53 Apanisile Sola Portal II 08033635216 SSCE


The Directorate of Preliminary studies was established in the College in 2009/2010 Academic Session as the directorate of Pre-NCE and Remedial Programmes. In 2015/2016 Academic Session, the College of Education Ikere-Ekiti Academic Board approved for the Directorate to run Pre-Degree programmes. All these are to take care of candidates with deficiencies in their admission requirements with a view in assisting/coaching them for WASC, GCE, NABTEB and NECO examinations to make up and subsequently sit for UTME to ease their admission problems.
The candidates, at the end of their one year preliminary studies, are offered direct admission into the College NCE programme and degree programme in any University of their choice on meeting other necessary requirement for admission, in the University.
The programme is to serve as a means of generating funds for the College.


The mission of the Preliminary programme of the college are:
  1. To provide basic knowledge, understanding and skills in the relevant area
  2. To provide a smooth transition from Pre-tertiary to regular NCE and degree programme
  3. To create a pool of candidates that can be readily absorbed into degree and N.C.E for the implementation of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme.


The vision of the Directorate is to be a source of fund generating (IGR) for the college and a resource centre of academic excellence.


1 Dr. B.O. Omoyajowo Chief Lecturer & Director 08067099004 Ph.D
2 Mr. Famuwagun Deputy Registrar 08062845819 B.A.(ED), M.A.(ED)
3 Mr. Adegboye Adebowale Assistant Registrar 07062323813 B.A.(ED)
4 Mr. Ojo S.K 08166197288 B.A
5 Mrs. Adekunle 07086544707
6 Mrs. Owolabi 08134383757


Directorate of NCE Sandwich Programmes was established in 1987 by the then Provost, Prof. Olu Aderounmu. The programme which was the first of its kind was established in almost all the zones in the Federation to assist the teaming population of Grade II teachers and ACE holders who had the intention to further their education but, due to time constraint and inability to leave job and attend regular school programmes could not do so. This newly introduced NCE sandwich Programme afforded them the opportunity to further their studies. By then, the College had the following centres around the country:

  1. Ikere Ekiti centre
  2. Ado Ekiti centre
  3. Ondo centre
  4. Ibadan centre
  5. Kaduna centre
  6. Owerri centre
  7. Port Harcourt centre
  8. Odi centre
  9. Balyesa centre

In 2001, Federal Government made a policy that outreach centres should not be more than 200kilometres from the mother institution, this made the College to wind up some of her centres which include kaduna, Ibadan, Owerri and Portharcourt. By 2002, some centres were established around Ekiti. They are:

  1. Omuo centre
  2. Aramoko (mainly students from defunct Ibadan centre)
  3. Otun centre
  4. Iye centre

Due to the dwindling population of the students, some centres were merged. Presently, the College has only three (3) centres for Sandwich programme and one part-time centre. They are:

  1. Ikere centre (Sandwich programme)
  2. Ado centre (Part-time programme) (Olaoluwa Muslim Grammar School, Ado)
  3. Aramoko centre (Sandwich Programme)
  4. Ibadan centre (Sandwich Programme)

In order to bring Education to the door step of the people, the Directorate wrote a proposal for the approval of the academic Board to establish affiliate institutions for the interested individuals. The Proposal was approved and George Tutorial became 1st affiliate institution in 2001 with its centre at Lagos.
The College now has a total of fifty three (53) affiliate institutions


1 Folrac Fortified Education Centre Anglican Grammar School, Ondo
2 Lanrac Education Consult Oyemekun Grammar School, Akure
3 Olekamba Pragmatic Academy Shagari Village Akure
4 FASHMORIB Mount Carmel Girl Secondary School, Ikare
5 Awaiting Educational Consult Ijapo Grammar School, Akure
6 Apex Fashdop II Mount Carmel, Ikare Akoko
7 Emmanuel Educational Consult Saint Thomas Irona, Ado Ekiti
8 Romes Optima Educational Consult Unity Secondary School, Epnimi Akoko
9 Unik Educational Consult Anglican Grammar School, Sango Otta
10 Integrated Educational Consultancy Flying Colours International School
11 Bofem Educational Consult All Saints Secondary School, Port Harcourt
12 Dynamic Heritage School Ifo Sango
13 Bistopins Educational Services Ikare-Akoko
14 Mamra Educational Services Agbona High School, Share
15 The Cradle Educational Ventures Ajue, Ondo State
16 Detufem Educational Consultancy Lagos State
17 Bolasanmi College Ido-Ekiti
18 Premier Educational Consult Awo, Osun State
19 Awaiting Educational Consult Yenagoa, Bayelsa
20 Gifted Children School Ikorodu, Lagos State
21 Cross T. Educational Institute Owode-Ede, Osun State
22 Edybeco Educational Consultancy Services Rukpokwu, Port-Harcourt River State
23 Temmy-Owo Educational Consult God's Havour International College, Orita Obele Akure
24 Folrac Fortified Education Centre The Lords Victory School, Ikorodu
25 Messiah International College Akure, Ondo State
26 JFK Link International Schools Lugbe, Abuja
27 City Tutors Adepetu Comprehensive College, Ile-Ife, Osun State
28 Atenidegbe Unity Educational Institute Idanre, Ondo State
29 Living Seed Educational Consultancy Ile-Ife,Osun State
30 Bond of Peace Educational Consultancy Ile-Ife, Osun State
31 Beulah Gate Educational Services Osogbo,Osun State
32 Al-Masud Educational Services Ipetumodu, Osun State
33 U and A Square Success Educational Centre Oke-Gada Ede, Osun State
34 Kemade Highflyers Academy Ile-Ife, Osun State
35 Kunle Olawale Educational Consultancy Bolorunduro-Ondo
36 Arayombo Hill Springs Educational Ventures Ile-Ife, Osun State
37 Mercygate Educonsult Federal Training Centre, Alagbon B/S, Ikoyi Lagos
38 Sir Adeniran Fowowe International Schl St. Megrat Girls Sec. School, Oke Ooye Ilerin, Ilesa
39 Abest Educational Services Highlights Comprehensive College, 1 Olaiya str, Mafolukan, Oshodi-Lagos
40 C & M Educational Consult Vinita Group of School, 12/14 Adeola Str. Owutu Rd., Agric Ikorodu-Lagos
41 Akinlade Educational Consult Ansarul Islam Middle/High School Ede, Ede-Osun State
42 St. Daniel's College Gloryland Community Sango, Akure
43 Mercygate Educational Consult Excellent West College, Yarakan, B/Stop, Ijede Ikorodu
44 Above Ventures And Norm Concept Uniben Consultancy Service Centre Ekenwan Campus, Benin-City
45 Great Anchor Educational Consult Goverment Science Primary Science School, Kuje Abuja
46 Royal School of Educational Therapy No 13 Adamu Fika Street, Ist Gate Street Besides Holy Family Catholic Church, Life Camp, Abuja
47 Anisbury International School Ikoro Road, Okemesi, Ekiti State
48 Adam-Muni Educational Services Comprehensive Grammar School, Ikare
49 Divine Progress Educational Services Ayede/Ogbese Community Comprehensive High School, Ayede/Ogbese, Akure
50 Eabe Educational Services Ajanbeku Memorial Grammar School, Ifetedo, Osun State
51 Quality Prince Educational Institute Aipate Baptist Church Grammar School, Adegbodu Area, Iwo
52 Ife Educational Academy C/O St. David's Grammar School, Ile-Ife
53 Kobiowu Educational Centre Fakunle Comprehensive High School, Osogbo, Osun-State


1 Dr. Ogunseemi O.E Chief Lecturer & NCE Sandwich Director
2 Lecturer 1/Deputy Director BA, PGDE, EDd, Ph.D.
3 Mrs. T.O. Joshua Deputy Registrar B.A, MLR
4 Mr. E.I. Paul Asst. Chief Executive Officer NCE, WASC
5 Mrs. S.T. Ogunleye PEO II NCE, WASC
6 Ms B.C. Ariyo PEO II NCE, WASC
7 Mrs. B.I. Akindele PEO II NCE, Grade II WASC
8 Mr. S.I. Adebayo S.E.O. WASC, GSE, Dip. in Public Administration
9 Mrs. C.A. Fashua Telephone Supervisor WASC, Dip. in Computer Studies
10 Mrs. Aladesuru Amuda Confidential Secretary (NCE, NATEB, B.ED
11 Miss Opeyemi Adeusi Higher Data Processing NCE, NATEB, ADP.
12 Mrs. C.A. Olowu Secretarial Assistant 1 NCE, ADP.
13 Mrs. S.O. Akinnewu Clerical Assistant NATEB, NCE


director's-pixThe Directorate of Council Affairs has its inception as far back as when the College took off in 1977. The Directorate is one of the Directorates in the Registry Department of the College. The Directorate is created purposely to handle all matters concerning the Governing Council of the College.


The Mission of the Directorate of Council Affairs is to service the Governing Council and its following Statutory Committees and Sub-Committees:

  • Finance and General Purposes Committee
  • Tenders Board.
  • Appointment and Promotions Committees (Academic).
  • Appointment and Promotions Committee – (Administrative)
  • Tenders Sub Committee.
  • Minor Work Committee.


The Vision of the Directorate is to ensure that all activities within the purview of the Directorate are successfully handled in order to promote the interest, goals and objectives of the College.

Directorate of Personnel (Academic Staff Estab)

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director's-pixThe Directorate of Personnel (ATSE) is generally responsible for all matters concerning appointments, placements, promotions, welfare, discipline and disengagement of all Administrative and Technical staff in the College, both senior and junior.
The Directorate of Personnel (ATSE) is divided into three units namely Senior Staff Matters unit, Junior Staff Matters unit and the Records unit. The Directorate is headed by a Deputy Registrar.
The schedule of duties of the Directorate are:

  1. Assisting the Registrar in formulating, planning and implementing approved personnel policies.
  2. Servicing of Appointments and Promotions Committee (A&T) and the Junior Staff Establishments Committee which involves preparation and circulation of agenda and papers for the committees’ meetings and ensuring the implementation of all decisions reached at such meetings.
  3. Ensuring proper placement of employees by posting them to areas where they will be most effective, taking into considerations their capabilities, characters and temperament.
  4. Assisting in maintaining law and order within the College and administering punitive and corrective measures to erring staff when necessary.
  5. Updating of staff records when necessary.
  6. Ensuring employees’ welfare is well taken care of and thereby maintaining industrial peace.
  7. Interpretation of College regulations in consonance with the conditions of service.
  8. Proper records keeping which includes filling of documents into the personal files of staff and retrieval of same when needed.
  9. Assisting the Registrar to attend to sundry personnel matters that affect Administrative and Technical staff.


1 Mrs. F.A. Adeusi Senior Deputy Registrar B.Ed(English), M.Ed(Educational Admin & Planning)
2 Mr. V.A Adeojo Senior Assistant Registrar MBA, B.Sc
3 Mr. Owoleso Senior Assistant Registrar B.Sc
4 Mrs. F.O Akinyede Admin Officer I MBA, HND, ND
5 Mrs. Agboola E.F Admin officer II NCE, B.Sc(Ed)
6 Mrs. B. Oladokun Principal Executive Officer I HND, ND
7 Mrs. O.A Ayeni Principal Executive Officer 1 NCE
8 Mr.T.T Bamidele Principal Executive Officer 1 B.Sc, ND
9 Mr. J.A Akomolafe Senior Executive Officer NCE
10 Mrs. I.D Elemure Principal Conf. Secetary I HND, ND
11 Mrs. C.F Owoeye Executive Officer NCE
12 Miss Adeoti Adeola Assistant Executive Officer B.Sc, NCE
13 Mrs. C.O Fituyi Senior Data Processing Officer Advanced Diploma in Data Processing, WAEC, NABTEB
14 Mrs. Akeju Funmi Senior Clerical Officer WAEC, NABTEB
15 Mrs. B.A Oni Clerical Officer I NABTEB, GRD II
16 Mrs. R.A Ayeni Clerical Officer II NABTEB