College of Education, Ikere Ekiti


  • To provide facilities for learning and to give instruction and training in such branches of knowledge as the College may desire to foster and in doing so to enable students to obtain the advantage of liberal education.

  • To provide courses of instruction and training to teacher education for either sex without distinction of race, tribe or creed, for the purpose of producing well qualified non graduate and graduate nursery, primary and secondary school teachers.

  • To provided in-service training for all grades of teachers.

  • To conduct and promote research into the theory and practice of education in all its ramifications, and to disseminate results of such research to educational institutions and establishments in and outside the State through publications and other means. To undertake curriculum development.

  • To arrange conferences, seminars, study groups, symposia and such other activities to enhance effective teaching and learning.

  • To undertake any other activities appropriate for a College of Education or as may be directed from time to time.

: The motto of the college is knowledge, education and service