College of Education, Ikere Ekiti


The Directorate of Students' Affairs, with designated activities of overseeing the general welfare of the students in terms of ensuring the provision of basic amenities and the management of their attendant problems. The Directorate also guide admitted students to develop their professional, academic, socio-cultural and spiritual potential to the fullest.

The Directorate being a vital organ of the College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti has functional units as follow:

(i) Guidance and Counselling unit:

The unit was established in the Directorate in 2012 with two qualified staff posted to the unit. The Unit is saddled with the responsiblities of guiding the students towards achieveing their primary objectives in the College and also assisting erring staff to know and comply with the rules and regulations of the College.

(ii) Halls of Residence:

There are five Halls of Residence (A,B,C,D & E) already in use while other are under construction. We have house keepers and porters which oversee the day to day affairs of the students. Three i.e A,B,D and part of E are designated for female students while C and other part of Hall E are designated for male students. Allocation of students into these Hall is handled by the Directorate of Students' Affairs.


(1) Students' Welfare The Directorate is saddled with the responsibilities of liaising with all service departments on matters affecting students' welfare;
(2) Students' Election
(a) Responsible for Students' Union Election and Swearing-in-Ceremony.
(b) Responsible for Elections of Associations.
(3) Halls Allocation The Directorate is responsible for the processing of application and the allocation of halls of residence;
(4) Bursary Awards and Scholarship The Directorate is saddled with the responsibilities for arrangement of Scholarship interviews, Bursary awards and preparation of the list of beneficiaries of bursary and scholarship awards;
(5) Welfare Board The Unit is designated to serve as Secretary of Students Welfare Board Committee of the College;
(6) Students' Disciplinary Committee The Directorate of Students' Affairs is designated to function as secretary of the Students' Disciplinary Committee;
(7) Orientation Programmes The Directorate is saddled with the responsibilities of organizing orientation programmes for fresh NCE students and newly elected Union officials.
(8) Coordination and Supervision
The Dean, Deputy Registrar and other Senior members of staff in the Directorate of Students Affairs are responsible for the coordination and supervision of the Housekeepers, the Porters, other junior staff in the Directorate as well as the entire students in the College.



1 Fedrick Olumide Akinrotohun Chief Lecturer 08033929292 B.Sc, M.Ed
2 Mrs. Rhoda Oyewunmi Okeya Deputy Registrar 07065849196 B.Sc, M.Ed
3 Mr.Simeon Olufemi Babatunde P.R.A 08035383479 B.Sc (Hons) Econs
4 Mrs. Damilola Elizabeth Elumade A.R 08165591275 M.Ed BA Ed
5 Mr. Johnson Olusesan Ajogbeje A.O.I 08030817347 B.Sc, NCE, Grade II
6 Mr.Funso Ojo C.E.O 070350619597 Advance in Pub. Admin. & Diploma
7 Mr. Alao Lateef Odeyemi A.C.E.O 08076602784 NCE
8 Mrs. Fayoke Kehinde Bamidele S.E.O 08067437529 NCE
9 Mr. David Ayodele Onipede E.O 08132622011 NCE
10 Mrs. Mary Bolarinwa Olubodun Senior Data Processing 08133112276 NCE, Advance Data Processing, RSA & NABTEB
11 Mrs. Falade F.A A.C.H.K 08054824948 M.Ed, B.Ed, NCE
12 Mrs. Adebola Osinbolu Prin HK I 08039496396 Final Cert. in Catering & Hotel
13 Mrs. Yemisi A. Ogundana Prin HK I 08131725092 Advance Diploma
14 Mrs. Janet Jayeoba Faleye Prin HK I 07033168685 B.Ed
15 Mrs. Oredola Daramola Prin HK I 08068322029 B.Ed
16 Mrs. J.O Ibijade Prin HK II 08065203658 Advanced NABTEB
17 Mrs. C.A Afuye Prin HK II 07037237651 Advanced NABTEB
18 Mrs. C.B Akinyemi Higher HK 08062921524 B.Ed
19 Mrs. B. Orisamika Higher HK 08064981753 B.Ed, NCE
20 Mrs. H.B. Ogunjemilua Higher HK 07030061916 Advanced NABTEB
21 Mrs. T.A. Fakirepo Housekeeper 08066591844 Advanced NABTEB
22 Mr. A.T. Ayeni Supervisor 08058835299 NCE
23 Mr. D.O. Akinbosoye Supervisor 08064574437 NCE, B.Ed
24 Mr. S.E. Alabi Asst. Supervisor 07064339553 OND
25 Mr. E.M. Olowo Asst. Supervisor 07068541307 B.Ed
26 Mr. I. Adeyeye Asst. Supervisor 08134691990 NCE
27 Mr. F.O. Ajala Asst. Supervisor 07063788712 NCE
28 Mr. O.O. Fakunle Supervisor 08058484813 Dip., CC, WASCE
29 Mr. T.F. Adeyeye Supervisor 07031247954 B.Sc
30 Mr. B.A. Ajayi Supervisor 08052938305 OND
31 Mr. S.O. Ajayi Supervisor 08067707955 SSCE
32 Mr. A.M. Oba Supervisorr 08133402243 ND, SSCE
33 Mr. O.O Afolayan Supervisor 08032163001 HND,SSCE
35 Mrs.Victoria O. Adelaye Assistant Data Processing 08168353513 RSA, NABTEB,ADVANCED DATA PROCESSING
36 Mr. Ebenezer O. Adeuya Senior Officer Assistant 07035633642 O/L (MODERN) III
37 Mrs. Iyabo S. Oluwole Clerical Officer 08108648260 TTC GRADE II
38 Mr. T.S Akindele Chief Porter 08164634837 SSCE
39 Mr. E.A Tehingbola Senior Porter 08037645978 SSCE
40 Mr. D.O Abe Chief Porter 07062033029 B.Sc, O/L
41 Mr. R.I Owoeye Porter I 08062085836 SSCE, NABTEB, NCE
42 Mr. G.A Oni Senior Porter 07033457746 NABTEB
43 Mr. A.D Adelabu Porter I 08060768037 NCE, SSCEa
44 Mr. I.B Bodunde Senior Porter 07063968014 OND, SSCE
45 Mr. A.A Kamorudeen Senior Porter 07035592547 HND, SSCE
46 Mrs. E.T Ogesola Porter I 08037692339 B.Sc, SSCE
47 S.A Ibikunle Porter I 08104603468 NCE, SSCE
48 T.B Oluwadare Porter I 07036861734 NCE, NABTEB
49 A. Ogungbemi Porter II 08038488682 NCE, NABTEB
50 A.A Adegboye Senior Porter 07039436082 NCE, SSCE
51 Ajisafe Busayo Porter II 08065746700 SSCE
52 S.O Aladeyelu Portal I 08167554245 NABTEB
53 T.O Ajayi Portal I 08062745254 NCE, SSCE
54 Apanisile Sola Portal II 08033635216 SSCE

Boys Bridgage
Director, Student Affairs
Dean, Student Affairs

***Provost-Prof Mojisola Adenike OYAREKUA *** Deputy Provost- Dr V.S Kehinde *** Registrar-Mr Gbenga OJO *** Bursar- Mr IGE Jacob Kayode*** College Librarian- Ayo Arogundade